Injuries and Healing

The following additions and changes to the standard WFRP2e rules are in place in The Enemy Within Campaign:

Lost Hand: The character takes a -20 penalty to Skill and Characteristic Tests that rely on the use of two hands and cannot wield two-handed weapons. A shield can be strapped to the injured arm, however.

Lost Arm: As for Lost Hand, but the character cannot strap a shield to his arm as he does not have one.

Lost Eye: The character suffers a permanent -20 to BS and takes a -20 penalty to all Skill and Characteristic Tests reliant on sight.

Lost Foot: The character’s Movement Characteristic is halved permanently and he suffers a -20 penalty on Skill and Characteristic Tests reliant on mobility, including Dodge.

Lost Leg: As Lost Foot, but the character cannot use the Dodge Skill.

If a character does not receive the benefits of a successful Heal Test following any encounter in which Wounds were suffered, the character must make a Toughness Test the next morning to see if his injuries have become infected. The base difficulty of the Test is Very Easy (+30), and is adjusted by the modifiers below. The character must make this roll every morning until a successful Heal Test is made to address those Wounds specifically (which counts as the single Heal Test the character may benefit from that day) or until he has regained all his Wounds.

If a character’s Wounds become infected, record the modifier to the Toughness Test that the character failed. This becomes the infection difficulty. A character with infected Wounds suffers from effects identical to the Green Pox, but without the visual symptoms or the subsequent penalty to Fellowship Tests. This persists for 14 days or until the patient dies, whichever comes first. A successful Heal Test (with a difficulty equal to the infection difficulty) removes an infection. Once the infection is removed, the character’s Main Profile Characteristics return to normal at the rate of 5 points per day.

If an infection reduces a character’s Toughness to less than half its original number, the infection has become gangrenous. Unlike normal wound infections, gangrenous infections have no maximum duration and the characteristic penalties caused by it are permanent. Gangrenous infections can only be cured through surgery, or, for those wishing a more sure-fire method, amputation of the limb.

Wound Infection Modifiers
Per day wounds have gone untreated: -10
Per critical hit received: -10
Wounds were caused by Skaven or Undead: -10
Wounds were received in a sewer, jail, midden, swamp or other unsanitary environment: -10 to -30

Field Cleaning
If a character suffers Wounds and either cannot find someone with the Heal skill to address the injuries or the Heal Test made by the medic is unsuccessful, all is not lost. Anyone may attempt to clean the wounds to, if not restore them, at least prevent infection.

The best way to prevent infection (barring herbal preparations) is to wash the injury clean with a solution of alcohol, requiring an Easy (+20) Agility Test. The injury must then be re-cleaned and re-dressed every day for three days, requiring the same test each time. If the wounds are not cleaned or are inappropriately cleaned during any of those three days, the afflicted character must make a Toughness Test to resist infection as normal.

Some field medics prefer to cauterise wounds with fire, often filling them with gunpowder first to make sure the fire burns hot enough. This brutal method, either with or without gunpowder, counts as a Damage 3 Fire attack, and requires a Routine (+10) Agility Test. The benefit to this treatment is that it is more permanent: characters successfully treated with fire need not have their wound cleaned again afterwards.

Injuries and Healing

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