The Enemy Within

Konistag, 6th Jahrdrung 2512

On rising and eating a rather unpleasant meal of stale bread and suspicious sausage, the characters visit Otto’s Glassworks. There, they meet Hanna’s love, Hans, and learn that he was planning to propose next year. They also discover that there were rumours of a rival for Hanna’s attentions…

Next, they visit the town hall and interview the Keeper of Permits, who tells them it was him who argued with Hanna at the Gunner’s Arms. He also reveals that Herr Fleischer is known for his generosity to the city’s poor, but that a rival butcher, Herr Stark, has been causing trouble and seems to have some kind of vendetta against him.

They return to the Fleischer house where they try to talk to their employer about Herr Stark, however the butler refuses them entry until they have had more success with the search. As they leave, they meet Marguerite Garten, who claims to have information she will share in exchange for lunch Chez Louis.

The characters now split – Heinz goes to investigate Fleischer’s shops whilst Hans goes on a date with Frau Garten. At the restaurant she repeats the rumour about the rival suitor, and says someone has been serenading Hanna at night. She also confirms Stark’s vendetta with Fleischer before leaving Hans with a 4/- bill for the meal!

Meanwhile, Heinz is investigating Herr Fleischer’s oldest establishment. There he meets an apprentice, who knows little but mentions that Hanna had been putting on weight. He suggests Heinz speaks to the shopkeeper, Erich, and goes to fetch him.

Bezahltag, 5th Jahdrung 2512

Our heroes, seeking to earn passage to Altdorf, have accepted a commission from noted butcher Herr Fleischer to investigate the disappearance of his daughter Hanna.

They began their search by questioning Hanna’s best friend, Carla Lindt, who informs them she was last seen at the Gunner’s Arms, an inn in Nuln. They also learn that she had been seeing a boy called Hans who works at the glassworks near the Fleischer residence.

At the Gunner’s Arms they question the staff, discovering that Hanna had been arguing with some sort of clerk about dancing in unlicensed premises.

As darkness fell, they rented rooms at the Reaver’s Return for 5/- each and turned in for the night.


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