Welcome to The Empire

Largest and most powerful of all the countries of the Old World, The Empire is your homeland. Its history goes back some two and a half thousand years, to the earliest days of Human development. Its founder was the legendary Sigmar Heldenhammer, Hammer of the Goblins, who united the warring Human tribes, and, in alliance with the Old World Dwarves, drove the Goblin hordes from the Old World back into the Dark Lands beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains. Later, the legends tell, he was accepted into the ranks of the gods, and now his religion is the most powerful of all The Empire’s many cults. Indeed, the Cult’s high priest, the Grand Theogonist, is the Emperor’s closest adviser.

The current Emperor, Karl-Franz I, was elected (by those few provincial rulers known as Electors) ten years ago, and crowned in Altdorf by the Grand Theogonist. He is still a young man, and the people have great hopes that, under his benevolent leadership, The Empire is poised on the brink of a new golden age.

The Empire is a huge country, filled with a multitude of people, places and creatures. Many of these people are simple peasants; others are artisans and traders. A few are wealthy adventurers or nobles, with little time for commoners such as yourselves. The cosmopolitan cities of The Empire attract the dregs as well as the cream of society, and there are many thieves who may pick your pockets, and bandits who may waylay you on the road.

Perhaps the most significant feature of The Empire is its vast forests. These are well-known as dark, dangerous places and only the foolish or suicidal would enter them without good reason. Travel is a risky business even for those who stick to the roads, and would be even more dangerous were it not for the well-defended coaching inns which secure the roads at regular intervals. Regular patrols of Roadwardens do their best to protect travellers from bandits and the like, but they are hard-pressed, busy folk who cannot be everywhere at once. They have enough on their hands without having to worry about formal trials for every wrong-doer. Consequently, justice is often dispensed summarily and on the spot.

The Enemy Within